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31 Jul
13:00 CET

Raw MediaTech Online Pitching

By Raw Ventures

It's all MediaTech now!

Сoming soon —
stay tuned!
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Who can participate

We welcome all startups operating within the media market: production and distribution of various content types, marketing, visual advertising, media communications, social media, streaming, podcasting, TV, cinema, and music. The same applies whether your startup is leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, VR/AR, Metaverses, and Web 3.0, 
or employing traditional modes.

Monthly online pitching events: an in-depth look

Through our meticulously structured Monthly Online Pitching Events,
we strive to bridge the gap between revolutionary MediaTech startups and a global audience comprised of investors, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts. These sessions, broadcast live on LinkedIn, offer a unique platform for emerging startups to share their innovative solutions with the world.

Event structure

Each session features four carefully selected startups from the MediaTech realm, each showcasing their projects in a brief yet compelling manner. After each pitch, we host a Q&A session, led by our respected panel of industry experts who possess extensive startup funding experience. This allows for real-time feedback, clarification, and further exploration of each startup's potential.

To conclude each pitching event, our panel offers constructive insights
and actionable advice, refining each startup’s pitch, strategy, and product proposition. This advice not only proves invaluable for the presenting startups but also serves as a learning opportunity for other participants and viewers.

Online pitching events advantages

Our Monthly Online Pitching events offer startups several distinct advantages:

Visibility: Gain broad exposure, reaching potential investors, future customers, and media entities.

Feedback: Receive direct insights
from seasoned professionals and successful entrepreneurs to help refine your pitch and business model.

Networking: Connect with other startups, industry experts, and investors to explore potential collaborations and opportunities.

Funding: Get the chance to present your ideas and secure funding, regardless of your business model's current stage.

Feedback from participating entrepreneurs

Gregor Müller

Pool Music

The event was exceptionally well-organised, and I greatly appreciated the insightful feedback. While I wish there had been more time to address the questions during the feedback round, I understand the constraints “and am more than willing to discuss any remaining queries in further detail.I would definitely recommend this event to others, pending the outcomes of our discussions, so I can provide 
a more informed recommendation.Looking forward to future engagements.

Shay Karpeles


It was great, I really thought 
the feedback was very precise, 
useful and actionable.The event 
was organised very well, 
and everything was on time
and very professional.

James Metcalfe

RePro Stream

The event was great. I think 
the feedback was insightful and will help me articulate our USP better.

Amil Khan

Very much enjoyed the event and look forward to learning more about the potential investment opportunities.

Leonardo Re


I found the event to be very well-organised and appreciated the clear communication beforehand. Overall, I felt like we were all really well listened to, which resulted in valid and good questioning. The feedback was 100% spot-on.

Hagay Avraham


The event was well organized 
and the questions were valid.

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